Someone Answered a Cannibal's Internet Ad, Was Shocked When Said Cannibal Actually Wanted to Eat Him

Most people know not to respond to an internet personal ad referencing cannibalism, joke or not. One Swiss man responded to such an ad, believing it would be a dark, twisted role play. Oh how wrong he was.

Luckily, the guy only spoke to the Slovakian human eater on the phone, who expressed a desire to kill, cook and eat a potential victim. According to the UK Sun, the Swissman alerted the police when he realized what was going on.

The cops sent in an undercover officer posing as the victim in a sting operation to catch the suspected flesh-eater.

But as officers attempted to arrest the man yesterday, in the north-eastern village of Kysak, a gunfight broke out and the man and a cop were shot.

A Kysak police spokesman said: "It appears this man was genuinely seeking to eat someone.

"His advert said he wanted someone who would agree to be put to sleep then killed, cut up, cooked and eaten.


The first thing my parents taught me growing up: don't talk to cannibals on the internet. [UK Sun]

[Original Image via Shutterstock]

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