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Sony Shows Off 0.3mm-Thick OLED Display; Doesn't Get Much Thinner Than That

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony's 11-inch, 3mm-thick XEL-1 OLED TV is OK, I guess. But sometimes I worry that it's just too thick. I mean, 3mm? Come on, Sony. Who do you think you're dealing with here? Luckily, it looks like Sony is working on a new 11-inch OLED, one that's 10 times thinner than its expensive predecessor.


With a 960x540 resolution, this panel has very similar specifications to the XEL-1, but it's just a mere 0.3mm thick. The as-yet-unnamed panel is clearly just proof that they're able to create such a skinny display, so don't look for it in Best Buy anytime soon-it'd probably set you back somewhere in the solid five figures-but it doesn't take a soothsayer to envision 50-inch OLED TVs hanging on your wall, making the photo frames hanging next to it look downright obese. Sounds good to me. Make it happen, Sony. [Impress via Engadget]