Sony Video Glasses Will Turn Everyone Star Trek Chic

Answering Mark's prayers and bringing us all one step closer to looking like Geordi La Forge, Sony has unveiled eyeglasses that can show full-color video images. The prototype supports a QVGA resolution, weighs 120g, is 3mm thick at the lens, and has a contrast ratio of 50:1.


The glasses use a proprietary holographic waveguide and an optical engine made up of a LED light source and a transparent LCD panel. Video coming from the optical engine is reflected by a film in the holographic waveguide. It then bounces off a glass plate and is diffracted to the eyes by a second holographic film.

Before it brings the glasses to market, Sony is trying to slim the prototype down to 80g and make the lenses transmissive enough to be used in dark places. The company says it's hoping to commercialize the produce by 2010. [Tech ON]

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