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Sony Xross Fade Dual iPod DJ Dock Is Wiggity Wack

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The $500 Xross Fade DJ system is Sony's hard-to-pronounce dual iPod dock kit for mixing songs. It may have some rad-looking bass reflex speakers and dual subwoofers, but it's unfortunately gimped as far as DJ features go—you can cue and crossfade between songs, a technology straight outta 2005 and something you could do on a PC with moderate iTunes skills. There are also some presumably lame-ass drum beats you can lay top of your tracks to spice them up, but not much more. Seriously Sony, what gives? DJing is just no fun without some "wikki wikki." Press release down below. [Sony]

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 21, 2008 – Sony today introduced a DJ-style shelf system with a dual dock for iPod® devices called XROSS FADE™. Perfect for mixing and playing music from iPod players, CDs and other music sources, XROSS FADE helps create the ultimate party soundtrack. Part of the Muteki™ series of stereo systems, the XROSS FADE (model LBT-DJ2i) has an imposing presence and massive output that can fill nearly any room with sound, whether it's in a home, a dorm, or even powering a block party. This music system has 450 watts of total power output, so aspiring DJs can crank up the volume while still maintaining high quality sound. As its name implies, the XROSS FADE system comes with DJ-style features, including a cross-fader with monitor cue and a built-in two-channel mixer. With this feature, an upcoming track can be checked through headphones to be sure it’s cued properly before playing it aloud. DJs can mix two songs or fade into the next song without missing a beat. With an interface and two scroll wheel mechanisms that allow for easy menu navigation similar to that of iPod players, users never need to touch their iPod players while scanning for the next track. The XROSS FADE system even has a USB recording function that saves mixing sessions to a USB device in the MP3 format without a PC. For MP3 files, the system’s MP3 Booster+ feature improves audio quality by restoring sound that is lost during compression. For extra thump, the beat blend feature adds a layer of pre-programmed percussion, drum sounds and drum loops over the mix. The XROSS FADE system includes traditional shelf system features, such as a CD player, an AM/FM tuner, and a line-in jack for listening to MP3 players. Users can mix music from these sources as well as their iPod players. The system converts CDs and AM/FM radio to MP3 files as well. With its matte black and chrome finish and appearance similar to a DJ mixing board, the XROSS FADE system is designed to be a statement piece for the bedroom, dorm room or living room. It produces a booming, high-impact sound through a pair of two-way bass reflex speakers and a dual 7-inch subwoofer enclosure.