Sony's Android Walkman Is Really for Music Nerds

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A Walkman's not just for music anymore. The forthcoming Sony Android Walkman will give people access to apps—finally!—but true to the Walkman's legacy Sony's built the new version around it's music features.


Just a week after we first saw the forthcoming Android smartphone, Sony showed off a prototype of the new the Walkman. It sports a 4.3-inch LCD toucscreen, which is is bigger than the one on the phone. It's compatible with Bluetooth headphones, and a TV via mini-HDMI. Like the other Walkman's this one will probably talk to your computer via USB.

In theory like an iPod Touch, this Walkman would be great for games, and video and useful apps, but Sony's pitching itself to audophiles. The new Walkman will come with Sony's W.Music app, which helps to keep your music organized and is accessible with a button on the phone's side. The Walkman's also preloaded with S-Master MX software, which is supposed to improve the quality of the Walkman's music reproduction.

Pricing and detailed specs on the Sony's Android Walkman aren't available yet and there's no word on when it'll be available. We first heard about the Android Walkman in 2009 so at least we know it's actually coming—Sony promises soon. [CNET Images: CNET]



Audio post processing software won't matter so much to audiophiles as the codecs it supports. A device that only plays lossy audio is in no respect marketed towards an audiophile. I'll wait and see what the device supports before I believe the target market.

(I'm not however entirely familiar with Android, so if it does support lossless audio OOTB then apologies.)