Sony's New S-Series Walkman Specs, Pricing Leaked By French Retailer

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Built-in speakers were all we could really glean from our first glimpse of Sony's updated S-Series, but French retailer,, has now listed the 8GB NWZ-S544 for €129 (about $185), and has the 16GB NWZ-S545 at €149 (about $210).


Thanks to the site, we've also learned that the 2.4-inch (QVGA) screen players have a Lithium Ion battery rated for 42 hours of audio, or 6.4 hours of video playback. And as you can see in the image above, they'll also have a kickstand.

Other key specs include a built-in microphone, FM tuner (with 30 presets), and those speakers I mentioned look to be stereo. File format support includes MP3/WMA/AAC audio and H264/MP4/WMV 30fps video. [Material via Sony Insider]