Sony's OLED TV Stripped Naked For the World to See

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You already saw the unboxing, but that was like thumbing through a Victoria's Secret catalogue. For the real hardcore stuff, you have to see this gorgeous XEL-1 OLED with its downright obscene 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and sexy 3mm frame without any covering whatsoever. Don't tell us it doesn't turn you on. Hit the jump for more info.


Most of what the guys at TechOn realized during the process was observational. For example, the 3mm thickness was achieved by arranging the drive circuit and other parts of the OLED panel at the lower side of the unit. They also noticed that an inordinately large number of radiation sheets were attached on the back side of the mainboard and the unit. In other words, Sony wasn't taking any chances with the heat. Hit the link for the full details. [TechOn and Product Page]



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