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Sony's X1000-series Walkman PMP, which packs a gorgeous OLED screen and Wi-Fi, is likely to be priced to directly compete with Apple's iPod touch, according to an early appearance on Sony's site.

On Sony's "SonyRewards" site, the X1000-series unexpectedly popped up with a price, albeit in Sony's "points" currency. But if we convert from Sony points to, you know, actual money, the X1000 will come in at $299 and $399 for the 16GB/32GB versions, respectively. That's exactly the same as Apple's price on its equivalent iPod touch models.


The X1000-series includes a lot of features the iPod touch doesn't, like the all-important OLED screen, noise-cancelling technology, an FM tuner, and Sony's vaunted sound quality, but the iPod touch has been an established smash hit for years now and we wish Sony would have undercut to make more of a splash. This is just a rumor, at the moment, but an appearance on an official Sony site is pretty solid evidence that these will be the final prices. [Sony Rewards (16GB, 32GB) via Engadget]

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