Soon You'll Be Sharing Buckets of Megabytes With Your Mom

Data plans for phones are looking more and more like voice plans—unlimited plans replaced by setups where you pay for every byte. So it makes sense they'll go the same route as voice minutes: Family plans.

Verizon's dropping its unlimited plans this summer. Presumably, current customers with unlimited data plans will be grandfathered in, like on AT&T—who will need an army of lawyers to take back my unlimited stream of Rdio and Netflix and NPR—but Verizon's CFO was already talking up the near-future of data billing, where entire families have smartphones and share a pool of data.


Which doesn't sound so bad (if your parents are paying for it, anyway), except when you think about trying to explain to your mom or dad about megabytes and streaming and overages and the internet. Then suddenly striking out on your own plan doesn't seem so bad. [Reuters]

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I still don't get why we have to pay separate voice, data and texting plans. Isn't digital voice and texting all data anyways?