Sound the All Clear: ROSAT Does Not Go Splat

Illustration for article titled Sound the All Clear: ROSAT Does Not Go Splat

ROSAT, the latest manmade object to fall from the heavens and threaten humanity's safety, has apparently burned up in Earth's atmosphere. The 1 in 2,000 chance of death from above we had all feared never materialized.


The German Aerospace center estimates the 21-year-old, 5,348-pound satellite entered the atmosphere around 9:45 p.m. Eastern Time Saturday night and promptly broke apart (see artists's dramatic Michael Bay interpretation above). None of those pieces—not the feared giant mirror, not the heat-resistant ceramic pieces—reached the surface. Previously, German scientists had speculated those heat-resistant fragments could have threatened a large, uncertain path some 50 miles wide.

So, in short, we're safe for another day from falling satellites. Same time next month? [FOX News]



But I thought the Germans made better satellites so more of it would make landfall. No?