South Korean Man Arrested for Re-Tweeting North Korean Government's Twitter Account

Illustration for article titled South Korean Man Arrested for Re-Tweeting North Korean Governments Twitter Account

In a continuing trend of government agencies having no idea how humor on Twitter works, a South Korean activist was arrested last week for ironically retweeting the North Korean government.

Jung-geun Park was charged under a South Korean policy called the National Security Law that bans nebulously-defined "acts that benefit the enemy." Except he was actually making fun of the enemy. That's him imposing his face and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label on a North Korean propaganda poster.


Funny and preposterous as it may be, this incident also comes with a darker overtone: the National Security Law has in the past been used as a hammer to crush political dissidents. When the government has leeway to make "aiding the enemy" mean anything it wants it to mean, it's easy to twist the actions of a a political annoyance into something more sinister and tortureable. Let's hope it doesn't come to that over a misinterpreted Kim Jong-un Nyan Cat tweet. [New York Times via BoingBoing]

Original Image Credit: Park Jung-geun / New York Times

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