Spawn HD-720 Is Like a Slingbox For Your Console Games

Illustration for article titled Spawn HD-720 Is Like a Slingbox For Your Console Games

Spawn Labs, a startup launching today at TechCrunch50, wants to do for console gaming what the Slingbox did for TV. With their Spawn HD-720 box, users can remotely connect to a console via their laptop.


In other words, if you want to play a game on your console remotely, you can connect to your system by downloading the Spawn Player application on your computer. The box transmits a 720p picture over the connection and allows you to control the game with "an input device of your choosing." The box works with all of the major consoles and is available starting today at $199. The only problem is that until the majority of our games are loaded on console hard drives, it would mean that we would be confined to one game while traveling. Still, its an intriguing idea. Would it be something you could use? [Spawn Labs via TechCrunch]


Joshua Bardwell

Only one question... why does it take a 3rd party appliance to do this? It could be implemented entirely in software in the console, with a PC client to connect to the controller via USB.