It may not look like much right now, but this strip of blown-out, busted-up buildings is usually swarming with celebrities.

Movies like Zero Dark Thirty, Iron Man and National Security were all filmed here, at what's known as the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, a series of sets scattered out across 100 acres just north of Los Angeles. Now, the ranch is for sale, and with it, the promise of Hollywood A-Listers traipsing through your new backyard. Heck, you might as well become a producer yourself.

While you've foolishly been putting your money into Old West towns, Middle Eastern towns are now a better investment, the listing hints. "Unlike other movie ranches that serve as old towns and locales for Westerns in what has been dubbed 'Hollywood North,' this property, known as Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, is primed for its next Middle Eastern close-up."


The owner, a former stuntman named Rene Veluzat, raked in $1 million in revenue in 2011, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It's actually one of several film ranches located in a curious place called the Movie Ranch Overlay Zone. This is a special zoning designation created for the city of Santa Clarita to lure production companies with offers of expedited permitting and other special treatment.


The main attraction here at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch is, of course, the bombed-out town (helpfully named Third World Country on the site), complete with over 50 military vehicles like tanks, Humvees and helicopters. Apparently it's so authentic that the U.S. military even uses it for training.

But that's not all! There's also a gas station, a cave, a helicopter crash site, an entire 1950s town, and an adorable freestanding aluminum-clad diner where you can film the romantic date night scenes that round out the characters between battles.

The price is steep—$7.5 million—but you'll make that back in foreign residuals, right? [ via Curbed]

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