Steel and Wood From a Salvaged Railroad Support This Rustic Ping Pong Table

You probably spent weeks trying to find the perfect furniture for your living room, so why just put any old ping pong table in your rec room? If you’ve got the room (and the money to hire movers) this table, including the net, is made from salvaged rails and lumber that one supported real trains.


The steel rails under the table’s play surface were actually manufactured back in 1904, over 110 years ago, but will now spend their retirement supporting quite a bit less weight than a locomotive chugging by.

Even the table’s wooden legs, made from oak and hickory timbers, were destined for use on a railway but were salvaged before being coated with creosote so they still have a lovely natural woodgrain finish.


The table’s a one-of-a-kind creation, though, and comes with a price tag that’s just shy of $14,000. However, that includes delivery and installation on the continental U.S., four paddles, and a box of ping pong balls, so how could you not splurge? [Rail Yard Studios via Uncrate]

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