Stethoscope iPhone App Lets You Play Doctor—Or Nurse, If You Prefer

Playing doctor and nurse used to be so affordable as a kid. Nowadays, you need to fork out $69.99 for an iPhone app, and $279.99 for an additional stethoscope. Still, you can't put a price on saving lives, right?

Not that you'll be saving too many lives by connecting a stethoscope to an iPhone, and using an app that displays the heartbeat in its arty, wiggly form. But you can record the sound of a heartbeat, and even email it to your doctor if you're particularly worried. I think the scope (pardon the pun) of such an app is pretty limited, but those with serious medical conditions who need to get their heart rate checked constantly might find some use in it. [ThinkLabs via MedGadget via CrunchGear]


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