Steve Jobs Looked Thinner Than Usual at WWDC—So What?

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One of the first things we noticed when Steve Jobs came out on stage was that he was noticeably thinner than he was in previous events. We were vaguely concerned since he's had a recent history of what could be considered pretty severe health problems, but it looks like it's just a "common bug" says Apple PR. At age 53, he honestly looks fitter than we are now, probably because he doesn't spend 23 hours a day with his ass attached to some sort of surface. Maybe it was that vomit+diarrhea virus that was going around Moscone a month ago. Either way, lots of people make a big deal out of Steve's appearance because he's perceived as so important to the company. So that's what the fuss is about by the press. [WSJ]

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To all those who dont think should be here: DONT READ IT. Better yet, dont waste your time reading it if you dont think it should be here and defindately dont waste my time by posting how much you dont like it. I am not fanboi, but Mr Jobs is a huge part of a large company and thus his health will directly impact their bottom line, making it big news for investors, employees and fabois, many of whom read this blog.

Personal note: I dont know Mr. Jobs, but I know cancer, and its an evil disease that doesnt care who you are, or how much you have, or who loves you, and I hope he (and anyone who has it) can beat it. Good luck Steve.