Steve Jobs Worked the Day Before He Died

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Despite being on the verge of death for quite some time, PC Mag reports Steve Jobs worked on Apple's future products on literally his last day alive.

The story is relayed by Masayoshi Son, CEO of Japanese telecom Softbank, who was meeting with Tim Cook the day of the 4S launch. The meeting was cut short by a call from Jobs, who pulled Cook to discuss secret products he'd never live to see. Nobody knows for sure what took place on that call except Tim Cook himself, but it does lend credence to the idea of a Steve Jobs Four Year Master Plan. At the very least, we'll know that whatever the next big Apple mystery is, it'll be imbued with the thoughtfulness of Jobs. The iPhone 5 likely has his fingerprints all over it. But again, we might never know. [PC Mag]




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