Stop Drooling and Check Out This Crazy Collection of Back to the Future Props

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With Marty McFly’s arrival in 2015 fast approaching, things are sure to get very Back to the Future everywhere you look. That includes the Internet, where franchise co-creator, co-writer and producer Bob Gale has revealed has jaw-dropping and jealousy-inducing collection of props.

In the above video, Gale takes fans through a wet dream full of Back to the Future props, many of which are screen-used. We’re talking time circuits, Flux Capacitor, newspapers from the past and future, multiple Hover Boards and more. You’ve seen replicas of many of these items, and even some real ones up for auction, but Gale’s collection is surely one of the most impressive out there simply because he knows how and where each item was used.


Speaking of Back to the Future, if you’re in Southern California, there’s a massive Back to the Future event going on in October of this year to mark the 30th anniversary of the film and date Marty and Doc arrive in 2015. Find out more at

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