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Street Fighter IV for iPhone Will Cost $10 From Next Month

Illustration for article titled Street Fighter IV for iPhone Will Cost $10 From Next Month

Street Fighter IV is almost here for the iPhone, and Capcom is tantalizingly drip-feeding us with details about the coolest thumb-masher to hit the App Store. It'll cost a rather large $9.99, and will have eight playable characters, including Ryu.


Gamepro got an early hands-on with the iPhone and iPod Touch version, and while they haven't published their first impressions yet, they were able to confirm with Capcom that it's due to hit the App Store next month—and film the below video showing the game in action. It looks like the game control still blocks out the characters (your thumbs are literally on top of them), so it'd make more sense if Capcom had more ground and less air in the gameplay. [Gamepro via Kotaku]

Image credit: IGN


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It looks great...but the button issue concerns me as well. I wish there was a peripheral you could snap the iPhone into that would have keys and a directional pad for games. If it can work with a blood pressure monitor (as shown over a year ago as a possibility), it can work with Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B.