Stuff This Windbreaker With Leaves or Newspapers and It Becomes a Warm Emergency Parka

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Are you obsessed with packing light when you travel, even if it means not being prepared for the weather where you’re going? Then you’ll like the Uncharted Supply Company lightweight, highly-packable windbreaker that can transform into a puffy, warm parka.


The Hideaway jacket’s baggy appearance isn’t the result of a sloppy fit, it actually comes from a series of hidden pockets and compartments integrated into the sleeves and torso of the waterproof coat. So if you happen to find yourself suddenly dealing with freezing temperatures and have run out of additional layers, the Hideaway can be stuffed full of temporary insulation to help trap body heat and keep you warm.

But you don’t need to find a pond full of geese in order to harvest some goose feather down to stay warm. The Hideaway can be stuffed with light clothing, crumpled up newspapers, even dry leaves—basically anything that can trap air and heat. You can do the same thing with almost any garment to help keep you warm, but the segmented compartments in this jacket ensures the extra insulation doesn’t move around, or shift down to your waist when you try to walk in it.


In a way it feels like the Hideaway is exploiting a simple hack the homeless use to keep warm in the winter, but the Uncharted Supply Co. is also not claiming this idea was its exclusive creation. The company is also asking just $50 for the coat, putting it at the more affordable end of the spectrum for outdoor gear.

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