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StumbleUpon iPad App Gets a Facelift

Illustration for article titled StumbleUpon iPad App Gets a Facelift

StumbleUpon is great for finding interesting stuff that is off the beaten path. A post here, a URL there and suddenly you find yourself reading some incredible content. The iPad is perfect for this type of browsing, but StumbleUpon's tablet app was woefully inadequate until now.


The online discovery service tossed aside its old iPad app and re-designed a new one from the ground up. The refreshed app lets you swipe to stumble upon new content and flick through new and existing content. It's a visually rich experience with images and videos taking center stage.

A new Social Bar is present on every page and gives you a peek at the person who submitted the content or someone who likes it. In the future, the Social Bar may include comments, tweets and other social features. The new StumbleUpon iPad app is available for free in the iOS App Store. [iTunes link via TechCrunch]

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Hopefully the new one won't stop working like the old one.

Love Stumbling on the iPad but every few dozen pages I hit the Stumble button and nothing happens until I exit, force close the app, then restart.