Give the USB plug-in Ecobutton a thump when you pop off to lunch or a meeting, and it puts your computer into an electricity-saving deep sleep. While snoozing in "ecomode," the Windows PC will draw less power than if you just left it in sleep or screensaver, which can be nothing but good for your electricity bills and the environment, right?

If you want to know exactly how good you're being (you eco-geek, you), the Ecobutton's software tells you how much energy and carbon units you've saved. It's PC-only for now, and is available for $12-$18.


Note: If you're truly environ-mental, you've probably realized that Ecobutton is mainly a software fix, so the manufacturing of the plastic component is itself a needless waste of our earth's precious resources, even before packaging and shipping—but who's keeping score anyway? Oh, right, this is. [OhGizmo]

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