Super Smart Ping Pong Table Teaches You How to Play Like a Pro

Table tennis is a hard game that requires quick instincts and even quicker reflexes. But what if you had some help? Like, what if the table could tell you what to do? This ‘smart’ ping pong table shows you where to serve, tracks each shot you take, and gives you oodles of data on your game. It’s a clever projection mapping system that smartens up your game.


Thomas Mayer, who cooked this idea up, writes:

The basic idea of my bachelor thesis was to track the ping pong ball in realtime to create data visualisations for trainers and players. After a few weeks of working I started developing a projected mapped interface for the ping pong table to show the collected data. By projecting game obstacles on the surface I figured out that I can change the game play totally.

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Denver is too damn high

Rather have this for pool. Add a graphic on the side suggesting where on the ball to hit for proper spin