Supergirl Shows Up to Fight Her Jerk Cousin in Injustice 2

Gif by author from footage provided by WBIE

Aw, look, little baby Kal-El, Isn’t he cute? Too bad he’s going to grow up to be a murderous despot who beats up all his friends and takes over his adopted homeworld.

The newest Injustice 2 teaser focuses on The Maid of Might’s upcoming debut and starts off with a showdown between Kara Zor-El and Black Adam (spoiler: Kara ain’t taking any mess from him) before she reunites with her baby cousin (spoiler: this does not go well).


Since this is a story trailer, we don’t get a glimpse of her super-move. We do, however, get a hint of the tension between Kal and Kara, and that conflict should be a major part of the sequel’s storyline. Injustice 2 is out on May 16.

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To be fair, he does have some fine qualities.