Superman & Lois Will Recast Jonathan Kent

Actor Jordan Elsass will not return to the role after two seasons as a series regular.

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Image: The CW

In an unusual production decision, Superman & Lois will recast the role of Jonathan Kent following Jordan Elsass’s immediate exit. Elsass did not arrive in Vancouver by the deadline given to the cast, according to Deadline, and the recasting announcement came shortly after.

According to the series producer for Warner Bros, Elsass apparently notified the studio that his exit is due to personal reasons. However, Elsass has not spoken out about his departure. There is some speculation about mental health issues and covid vaccines, but as of right now there is no firm word on why Elsass has decided to stay home rather than work on the show. Deadline reports that “There is also conflicting information whether Elsass left or was let go.”

This is a pretty unusual situation, considering that Elsass was a major part of the series, as he played one of the sons of Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch). The decision to recast his role instead of writing him out might hint that Jonathan Kent will play a large part of the upcoming season, as there’s little to no time to attempt rewrites according to the trade. We’ll bring you more on the CW’s plans for Superman & Lois as and when we learn them.


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