Supposed iPhone 6 Benchmarked: 1 GB RAM, Dual-Core 1.4GHz A8?

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The same guys that posted a seemingly legitimate video of the next iPhone have just published the results of a series of benchmarking tests they've performed on the device. If they're accurate, they suggest that the phone could be in for a modest spec bump—but a noticeable jump in performance.

The tests, published on Weibo, show that the device in their possession, going under the identifier iPhone 7,2 (which is consistent with earlier devices) packs 1GB of RAM and an ARM processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. If—and it's a big if—that's an accurate representation of the guts in the new iPhone, it would mean that there's going to be no upgrade to the RAM and a jump in clock speed from 1.3GHz to 1.4GHz.


That could be seen as a disappointment—especially in terms of RAM, which many hoped could jump up to 2GB at this iteration, despite recent reports claiming otherwise.


But in terms of Geekbench benchmarking scores, it seems the phone that these guys have in their hands doesn't disappoint. The supposed new phone gets a score of 1633 for single-core and 2920, which compares really very favorably to the current iPhone 5s, which scores 1412 in single-core and 2540 in multi-core tests. And the iPhone 5S is blazing fast.

Such a jump in performance would likely be down to smart engineering elsewhere in the phone, rather than raw hardware in terms of the main processor and RAM. That is, of course, typical Apple.


Regardless, we won't know for a few hours if this is the real deal, or if the benchmarks are accurate. But if they are, it looks like the next iPhone might not impress too much in hardware numbers—but it could still be the fastest smartphone you can buy.