Surge Power Strip: Your Power Wastage In Plain Sight

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The Climatized Objects Project think there's a simpler way to make you save energy than clever sockets: "Surge" plops your power sockets and thus energy consumption in open view. Shaming you, and dominating your home. Yup: I'd certainly be tempted to unplug my "on standby" devices if this red surge-protecting beast was draped over my desk, behind my TV and down the stairs. Oh, no: wait— of course I wouldn't, because I'd never use this crazy crapness in the first place. I kind of see what they're getting at, but I'm distinctly glad this will remain just an eco-concept. Spilling coffee with it around would be fatal. [Dvice]


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The concept itself is raising awareness, so I give them props for that .. I guess.

The best options for truly saving energy are ones that other countries have been implementing for some time. My favorite is the switch near the front door that turns off power to the entire home (minus essential items, like the fridge) while you are gone. It is a simple yet brilliant idea that makes concepts like this seem a bit silly.