Take A Ride on a Steampunk Whale

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If you think we use whales for our own ends now, just wait for the day when they'll function as transportation. DeviantArt user Leashe writes, "Whales are one of my favorite animals and I love seeing them in fantasy settings. Like in armored tours, or as cetacean transport barges."


[Deviant Art via Reddit]

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Excerpt from A Comical History of The Kingdoms And Satrapies of Jupiter by Cyrano de Bergerac__

_1 - A Farewell To The States and Empires of the Moon _

After having departed from The Moon using Elijah's Ship that Orlando* had used centuries ago to travel there, I found myself traveling the stars without much aim. I decided to explore the limits of the Ether itself and see if I could reach the limits of Creation itself. Elijah's Ship was a marvel among among all the wondrous marvels in the infiniteness of the Universe that could swiftt trek in the Eternal Night where the planets dance their dance around the Sun.

As I jouneyed at the speed of wind itself,I beheld that greatest of planet Jupiter shining in the distance. I decided that for the Greater Glory of the name of Bergerac,I would visit the great planet and present myself before whoever potentate ruled there.

As I descended on an auspicious damn over the great colored clouds that covered the sovereign of all planets I beheld a wonder that no mortal had ever seen: great whales floating gracefullu over the sea of colored clouds. They were used as honotific barges and bore the colors and sigil of one of the many satrapies that held sway in the planet.

I steered Elijah's Ship towards the welcoming envoys and prepared myself for—

[text incompleted due to Cyrano's death in 1657]

(Department of Rare Books,Miskatonic University Arkham Mass.)

*from Ludovico Ariosto's _Orlando Furioso _(Orlando's Wrath)