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Tally Ho! Guess Who's Getting Hunted In The New Season Of True Blood?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've got 11 new stills from True Blood season three, containing heaps of ridiculous vampire sass and style. If you though Maryann getting fisted by a bull was weird — wait until you meet this new vamp. Spoilers ahead.

That's Denis O'Hare on the giant white steed, as The King of Mississippi. And thank goodness for new True Blood vampire royalty. I thought I'd stake myself in the face after Evan Rachel Woods miserable vampire yahtzee party. Just look at him in his little riding boots. Russell Edgington is the proper Southern gentleman, who just so happens to prefer the company of men. Like the next new gentleman pictured in our gallery with his hands on his hips and in the red velvet jacket. That's Edington's favorite, Talbot. These two have been lovers for about 700 years or so, and he's being played by Theo Alexander.


Now if we have two Mississippi characters, I think we can easily assume that Mississippi might be a new setting for this series, which lines up with the third Charlaine Harris book Club Dead. Plus, this new picture of Bill makes it look like he's looking up, in the direction of a dapper man on a horse. So clearly someone was vampire-napped to Mississippi — I smell vampire politics.

Also in this new set of stills: a delightfully dressed Pam, wrapped in a trash bag no doubt, and the adorable Baby Vamp Jessica. Looks like she's getting tips from Pam on how to best apply Magenta lipstick all over her face. But they aren't the only regulars returning — Eric's back, in his sweet little ride, as is Lafayette, the lawmen, Arlene Fowler and Sam.


Finally the last new fanged face is Franklin Mott, played by James Frain, sans mustache — but thankfully he still has the random gray hairs and sex appeal.