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Teen Invents Footwear That Will Charge Your Phone As You Walk

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Angelo Casimiro is only 15, but he just invented electricity-generating footwear—as you walk or run about, your shoes will generate power that can be used to charge your phone or any small battery-powered device.

The footwear was Casimiro's entry to Google's Science Fair this year.

"Electricity is generated using a an insole generator that is made out of two pairs of piezoe-electric discs, which produce energy when the crystal bend inward,"explains Casimiro in his entry video. The generator is soldered to the battery of a power bank, which can then be used to plug in any device through a USB connection.


Don't expect to charge up your iPhone on your morning jog. In initial tests, Casimiro's device was able to charge a phone for about 10 minutes of use after playing 2 hours of basketball. But hey, it's a start.