Elsewhere around the world, countries are still struggling to contain the virus in very concentrated areas. But everything is relative when it comes to covid-19. Australia, for example, has seen a dramatic rise in cases in the second most populous state of Victoria but the rest of the country is doing relatively well. People in Victoria have been under an American-style “lockdown” over the past six weeks that hasn’t successfully quashed the virus. As a result, the Victorian government has instituted a more strict lockdown for the next six weeks, more in line with what citizens in places like China and Vietnam experienced.


As Dr. Anthony Fauci has pointed out, the U.S. never really went into a proper lockdown, only shutting down about 50% of services, whereas Europe shut down 90% of services. And masks are just one tool to slow the spread.

Wear a damn mask, but also demand action from your government. Every country, from Germany to Hong Kong, has anti-mask assholes and conspiracy theorists. Masks are important, but you can’t stake your entire future on the goodwill of your country’s worst people.