Texas Is About to Adopt Textbooks That Lie About Climate Change

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The Texas State Board of Education meets this week to discuss the adoption of controversial science textbooks that are deeply misleading about climate change. Now, two groups are working to prevent Texas kids from learning junk science.


Top image: Agustin Ruiz

The National Center for Science Education and Texas Freedom Network have put together a petition asking the Board of Education not to adopt these textbooks, which represent climate change as something that will fix itself without any human intervention.

According to the petition to stop the adoption of these textbooks there are several more grave problems:

  • McGraw-Hill Education (World Cultures & Geography) – includes information pulled directly from the Heartland Institute, a polluter-funded advocacy group infamous for its anti-climate change propaganda.
  • Pearson (Social Studies K-5) – Tells students, "Scientists disagree about what is causing climate change."
  • Studies Weekly Publications (Social Studies K-5) – casts doubt on scientific consensus around global warming
  • WorldView Software (Economics) – includes a wildly inaccurate section on the ozone layer and its relationship to airborne pollution.

Learn more by reading (and signing!) the petition.



Well, technically, scientists DO disagree about what is causing climate change.

On one side, you have 98% of scientists, with their peer-reviewed journal articles and research.

On the other side, you have 2% of scientists, with their repeated invitations onto Fox News programs.