Thanksgiving Leftovers: Utah group creates pie-dropping turkey quadricopter

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While you slept off your Thanksgiving dinner, the people over at Utah Aerials decided to engineer a turkey quadricopter. As an added challenge, they made it strong enough to carry and drop pies on the people below.

This Thanksgiving, a group of certified lunatics decided that turkeys should no longer be flightless. They created a quadricopter - a vehicle lifted by four spinning helicopter blades - dressed it up to look like a turkey, and sent it off into the sky. Though the turkeycopter had a few shaky flights, it was improved until it could take on a cargo of a store-bought pumpkin pie, meant to be dropped on one of its designers.

Check out the video below to see a turkey crash, a turkey fly, and the suspense-filled pie drop.

Via Hothardware.