That's Me In That Ad

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As regular Gizmodo readers may already know, I occasionally act in comedy sketches and the like. I also go out very rarely on commercial auditions (for a brief while in 09 I was in a Hot Pockets ad that ran, it seemed, almost exclusively on MTV2. You've seen it if you're a Rob & Big fan).

And now you might see me in a non-speaking "Awkward White Guy" role in a Vizio commercial.

Why am I sharing this? Because I was typecast! But mostly to clarify that since that commercial was filmed, I haven't written about Vizio or any other home theater product at Gizmodo or elsewhere, and will continue not to. I also haven't/won't write about the company or any of its competitors on a corporate level (which would be boring anyway).

And finally, to make it known that my hair's not normally like that.