The 2013 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Images of the Syrian Civil War

Columbia University yesterday announced the winners of this year's Pulitzer Prizes—and those for Breaking News and Feature Photography were all awarded for heartrending images capturing the civil war in Syria.

In fact, the Breaking News prize was awarded jointly to five different AP photographers who have all been capturing events in Syria. Above is the winner of the Feature Photography Pulitzer, taken by Javier Manzano. It shows two rebel soldiers guarding a sniper's nest in Aleppo, illuminated by light streaming through bullet holes.


Below are the five winners of the Breaking News prize, taken by (in order) Manu Brabo, Rodrigo Abd, Muhammed Muheisen, Khalil Hamra and Narciso Contreras. You can read the full list of Pullitzer Prize winners here. [Pullitzer via Peta Pixel]

All image by AP


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