The Adorable Grill Is So Small You Can Carry It On Your Bike

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You know what they say about BBQ gear: the best grill is the one you have with you. So forget about spending thousands of dollars on a miniature backyard furnace when Bodum's new FYRKAT grill is small enough to take with you wherever you go.


At roughly twelve inches in diameter you won't be grilling up a feast for the whole family. But you should be able to comfortably squeeze a couple of steaks or a quartet of burgers onto its wire rack. The $60 FYRKAT's silicone carrying handle makes it easy to transport even when the enamel-coated steel body is still piping hot, and its compact form factor means you should have no trouble squeezing it into the trunk of a car, or even into a bike basket. Because the only thing more refreshing than a water bottle when riding is a freshly grilled sausage on a bun. [Bodum via Better Living Through Design]


Nothing to See Here!

$60 for that? You're better off getting one of those little disposable grills.

Mind you, after a while, you'd get through enough disposable grills that it's cheaper to just reuse this dinky thing...but how often do you really go out and have a barbecue? It'd feel a bit awkward to go out and have a barbecue in the park...