The Best Her Parody Yet Has a Punchline Worth Waiting For

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In the new Spike Jonze film Her, Joaquin Phoenix plays a dude who falls in love with an operating system. But what if it the gender roles were flip flopped? This parody from HitFix shows a situation that might be all too familiar.

There aren't any spoilers here (in fact, I haven't seen the movie myself, and still enjoyed the punchline). But a little hint—it plays out according to prevailing relationship stereotypes. Apparently even an operating system can be a jerk that leaves you after it gets what it wants. Men—even computer men—am I right? [HitFix via FastCo]


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So yea, good parody and all that but...really not all that different from the movie itself.

Don't want to give away anything from the movie itself (At least no more so than I did in my article on whitenoise found here: So did we all fall in love with her?) but, this is more or less accurate. While it was more drawn out and some "explanation" was sortof given, basically Samantha disappears for bullshit reasons too.