The Car-Sized iNuke Boom Dock Has Shrunk: The Dance Party Is Over

Behringer's iNuke Boom car-sized iPhone dock is one of the most ridiculous speakers ever created. But as our own Sam Biddle discovered at CES, it's so massive your inhibitions about dancing in public are instantly sucked away into its black hole of decibels. So why did Behringer completely neuter it with this tiny Junior version?


Presumably sticker shock and exorbitant shipping fees played a big role in the creation of a miniature version of the iNuke Boom. So for $180 the iNuke Boom Junior weighs in at just over ten pounds and can be safely placed on a table, instead of serving as one itself. A built-in subwoofer ensures the speaker's at least still got a little kick, and an included remote can also be used to control tracks on your iOS device—just not the iPhone 5 since the Junior isn't Lightning compatible without Apple's adapter. Oh how the mighty have fallen, or just gotten disappointingly small.


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