The Closest Thing To Surviving a Real Zombie Outbreak

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I am not ashamed to admit that I fantasize about surviving a zombie outbreak. And that's why I'm so envious of the students at SUNY Geneseo, who made this epic trailer for their annual weeklong NERF zombie outbreak battle royale.

The game, Humans vs. Zombies, started at Goucher College in 2005, and many other schools have adopted the framework and started their own versions since. It involves the capture the flag staples of socks tied around arms and honor system time-outs, but this trailer by Nathan Sorrentino promoting next semester's game at SUNY Geneseo shows just how epic the action can get.

The gist of SUNY Geneseo's Humans vs. Zombies rules, as explained to me by a student:

-Humans wear Orange bandannas around their arms and Zombies wear them around their heads. (We used white in the trailer)

-The game lasts 10 days or until all humans are infected/all zombies starved.

-we start with 5 zombies who infect humans.

-this semester, there were 200 humans

-Humans carry Nerf Guns, Swords, marshmallows, or socks.

-If a human hits a zombie, the zombie is inactive for 10 minutes (honor system) then can continue hunting

-If a zombie tags (two hands) a human, the human is inactive for 1 hour, then turned into a zombie.

-zombies must infect humans every 48 hours or they will starve

-In the video, a "Defense System" was armed. This means that humans are safe indoors, but zombies are allowed to take off their bandannas and blend in.

-On the last day, there is a final battle where all remaining humans must defend a spot for 30 minutes to win. (Humans never win at Geneseo)


Here's what I want to know: who opts for marshmallow ammo? Check the HVZ page to see if there's a campus by you where you can get infected. [HumansVSZombies]