IFA 2007, allegedly the biggest consumer electronics fair in the world, had it all. But it happened on Labor Day weekend, so you probably missed all of our video hands-on and reviews of never-before-touched products. Here's the complete guide to the very best:

The three hottest gadgets

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• The new Blu-ray camera from Hitachi works great, both the Blu-ray/hard drive hybrid model and the normal one, as you can see in our video hands-on.

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• The new Harman Kardon DVC600 is all about maximum power in a tiny package: it can record eight simultaneous HD streams and burn to Blu-ray using its Unix-based operating system.

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• We got a real technowoodie on our video hands-on with the new and absolutely amazing Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III. It was a prototype but we loved it.


The hands-on videos
• The review of the Samsung YP-P2 and why it doesn't cut it.
• Another iPod Killer that is not going to happen. See the hands-on video here.
• The LG KU990 looks ok on video but it's not impressive at all when you use it.
• Discover the new Philips Aurea from all possible angles
• We checked the new Sony T200 digital camera and the automatic smile capture works perfectly.
• The new Sanyo Xacti 1080p videocamera is extremely small and comfy.
• The Hitachi 3D display looked great, specially for GPS and game apps.
• See the glowing Lumalive shirt showing Pac-Man running across Addy's chest.
• The output of the Samsung new DLP projector looks very good.
• Another hot camera was the new Samsung HMX10: very small and nice to handle.
• Philips had an experimental game called TagTiles.
• We tried the Cowon Q5 and we weren't impressed at all.
• Addy tries a stupid kung-fu Wiimote-wannabe that requires four modules attached to your arms and legs. Fun to watch.
• I got to draw Batman on a Hitachi StarBoard.


The hands-on galleries
• Check the amazing Casio Exilim from all possible angles, a camera which can shoot 60 images per second in photo mode and 300 frames per second in video.
• Sharps experimental ultra-thin 1.26-inches displays will arrive in 2010 and we got a scoop: expect a 131-inch version then.
• The new LG KU990 cellphone is not an iPhone killer and we tell you exactly why it sucks.
Shoe Pure 100 eliminates the smell of your shoes with ozone.
• Loewe's new and upcoming flat TV designs are quite stunning and useful.
• We played with the Griffin Evolve and the 150-feet range with several wireless speakers completely got us.
• Samsung's new printers are indeed very sexy.
• Opinions on the new Philips Aurea, from the perspective of not-so-geeky woman.
• Philips showed a 132-inch 3D screen made with 42-inch panels. We weren't very impressed.
• Two sound marvels: see our eyes-on with the Yamaha A-S2000 amp and their Yamaha NX-B02 Bluetooth Speakers.


Wacky world of IFA
• We got "exclusive" photos of the new iPhone nano. Actually, it was just crap.
• Addy got mad at Sharp and their stupidly large boxes on video. Get ready for tons of bleeped swearing.
• You can't miss this super-slim TV technology from China.
• The fingers-on with the infamous MP3 lederhosen and hunting jacket.
• Addy sent all the readers a postcard from IFA posing next to a gigantic 102-inches Samsung plasma screen.
• The Berlin conference center looks like Battlestar Galactica and is full of sexy cylons.
• In Germany they are crazy about PC case modding. The designs will give you nightmares.


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