The director of Wolverine may also direct Ender's Game

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Gavin Hood, the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, may be directing a film version of the extemely popular sci-fi novel, Ender's Game. Don't despair yet.


For those who enjoy Orson Scott Card's work and do not think that it will be improved by a spiral-sliced nuclear reactor, there is a difference between the production of Ender's Game and Wolverine. Card wrote the script to the movie, and Hood re-wrote it. This might not seem like an improvement, but it could be.

Before unsheathing his claws on the X-Men franchise, Gavin Hood made the film, Tsotsi, about a violent young man living in Johannesburg. It was praised by most critics, although a few said it was condescending and sentimental. In 2006 it won an Oscar for best foreign language film. There's a good chance the Ender's Game may be given its due on the big screen.

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