The Everlasting Deliciousness of the Candwich Sandwich in a Can Is Here At Last

The world was denied a breakthrough in food-in-a-can technology and deliciousness when a petty thing like money kept Candwich, the sandwich in a can, off of store shelves. But now it's here.


Peanut butter & grape jelly to start, with BBQ chicken (oh sweet christ) and PB & strawberry jelly on the way. These undying sandwiches run $12 for a 4-pack or $72 for a 24-pack. Pricey! But how many foods are "perfect for emergency food storage needs in the event of natural disasters" and totally delicious? Not very many. [Candwich via Eater]

P.S. Is it sad we have a tag for "food in a can," populated by multiple posts?

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