The Evolution of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man's Emblems In Gif Form

Over the many decades they've been in operation, some of Comic's most iconic heroes have had visual upgrades - including their suit's emblems. These cool animated gifs by Eric Snapper show just how much the logos of Spider-Man, Superman and Batman have changed over the years.


Batman's, shown above, might be the most interesting, as its radically changed over the 75 years of the Dark Knight's comic book adventures (as well as the various logo designs used across the movies, including 2016's mahoosive batlogo for Batman v. Superman) while still maintaining the Bat imagery. Superman's only real big change was a switch from the original upside down triangular shield to a more 'diamond' shape that's persisted ever since, but just as surprising as Batman's evolution is that of Spider-Man, with the size and shape of his arachnid logo drastically transforming from suit to suit (and plotline to plotline in the comics) after a relatively steady period of it staying the same in his earliest incarnations.


It's definitely interesting to see how the Emblem designs shift and transform over the years, steadily getting more intricate and elaborate as time goes on. Snapper should do some more superhero emblems!

[via Buzzfeed]

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Not even Spider-Man's logo knows what to do with itself.