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One of the First Attempts at a Big CW Crossover Event Involved Supernatural and... Smallville?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I think we know why it took the CW having several shows based in already-connected source materials for the network to make giant crossovers a yearly event. Because there was once a plan to have the boys from Supernatural visit Smallville. No, not the fictional Smallville of the show, a fictional version of the set of the show.

Jackson Stewart spoke to the Entertainment Weekly radio show Entertainment Weirdly, and while the full interview will air Monday, the website revealed this story early. See, while Stewart is currently the director of Beyond the Gates, he was once a production assistant and writer on Supernatural. And he shared this tidbit about the show:

There was a lot of really cool ideas that some of the writers had. They had an episode where they really wanted to do a Superman curse that was about every actor who plays Superman ends up getting killed. So they find out that Tom Welling from Smallville is next and have to save him. I thought that was one of the funniest ideas that I’d heard.


Okay, first of all, Smallville went off the air five years ago. I think Supernatural was only on its 58th season back then. Second of all, wow does that sound like it would have been complicated to pull off. That’s not just breaking the fourth wall, that’s bending it into a Möbius strip. Can you imagine airing in the same week a new episode of Smallville and an episode of Supernatural about the fake behind-the-scenes antics of Smallville? I think they could have pulled it off, but the mind does boggle a bit.