The GMC Van Makes a Comeback on eBay, Baby

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Some of my best childhood memories are napping-away in the back bed-seat of our old van. But this four-axle GMC is going to make me need some therapy. Because aside from stylish oak kitchen cabinets and a comfortable La-Z-Boy recliner, the van makes room for a sauna (and they don't just mean that the A/C doesn't work...from what we can tell). Sure, that solar-powered Prius will get you slightly better MPG, but legroom's gotta count for something. And in this case, your legroom can be in a voluntarily sweaty, hellish environment. [eBay via Jalopnik]

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If this thing really does get the advertised 15-20mpg, I am impressed. I am guessing the combined is probably in single digits. Still, that is a small price to pay to be the envy of small town America everywhere.