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The Great Google Phone Conspiracy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I don't know if it's the same-y hardware, the absurd expectations, or general inconsistencies, but something about the Google Phone just And depending on how credulous you're feeling today, I can explain: We've been tricked! By Apple! Or something.

These doubtful little seeds come from Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review, a guy you may not have heard of, but who's known for being well-connected i the mobile industry—though his beat tends more toward the Nokias and Sony Ericssons of the world, with occasional reaches for Apple scoops. Anyway, he's been on a Twitter rampage, as captured by Phandroid, and he has a theeeoorryyy:


First, English isn't his first language, so ignore the weird phrasing. Second, what the hell does that mean? It's actually pretty simple.

You know, given how similar the Nexus One concept is to prior Android development phones like the Ion or the Dev Phone One—hardware by HTC, software experience controlled by Google, unlocked, handed out to Google employees—I could easily believe that this phone is just the next Dev phone, designed to give developers something roughly comparable to the next generation of Snapdragon-powered Android phones to develop on. And I'd even believe that they're going to sell it to the public unlocked, and put a little marketing muscle behind it. That actually makes more sense than rumors of a Google plan to either revolutionize, rape, pillage or save the wireless industry. (Pick one!) And it'd explain many people's general unease about assuming this phone revolutionary before we know anything about it. So, Eldar, I'll bite: This is a mass delusion. What else?


Intrigue! But who? TELL US WHO!

This is just a ploy to get the internet to talk about you, isn't it? Dammit, Eldar! You got me. You can judge his theorizing on your own—I don't buy it, because I don't really see what Apple would have to gain here—but either way: we all need to calm the hell down about this phone. The rumors about it are fascinating, sure, but the with every actual fact we uncover, this thing gets a little more boring. [Phandroid]