The iPhone Even Makes Other Toys Seem Redundant

I'm all about fostering imagination when it comes to childrens' toys, but I like that this Makego app straddles the line between force-feeding kids an adventure, and encouraging them to bring things to life on their own.

It's designed for the iPhone or iPod Touch, and lets kids transform either device into a car, an ice-cream truck, or a boat using Lego, paper, or whatever building material they can get their hands on.

The app then provides a top-down view of the vehicle, with sounds that correspond to it being moved around, and interactive elements like having to fill up the gas tank, selling frozen treats, or fixing a leaky hull with a hammer.


At just $1.99 it's also a cheap and creative way to keep an antsy kid entertained that doesn't encourage them to throw disgruntled avians at other animals. [Makego via Notcot]

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I'd go for Arduino + Android over this any day.