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Binoculars are rad. You can look into a lion's gullet without getting your face torn off. Problem is, the places and situations in which you wanna use them are where you're most likely to break them. These fix that.

Meet the Brunton Icon. Shock resistant? Check. Nitrogen filled/fogproof? Check. Waterproof? Check (though how waterproof, it doesn't say). Super-strong magnesium alloy frames? Roger. Okay, so you're not likely to break them. That's good, but all of that is about what you'd expect from high-end binocs. The sweetness is the warranty.


The Icon comes with Brunton's Halo warranty that "immediately replaces any Icon, for any reason, anywhere, for life." Who among us hasn't wanted to do somersaults down a rocky cliff while checking out a bald eagle from afar? Well, now you can! Seriously, with a warranty like that the temptation to do stupid things with these is almost too great. Fortunately for the Icons out there, the cost of admission will likely keep most yahoos away.

The Brunton Icon will run you a gut-punching $2,375.00. That's actually about on par with other high end binoculars (Zeiss binocs with similar specs cost closer to $3K). There's no built in camera, image-stabilization, night-vision, or mind-reading technology in them. They're for people who want very high quality, straight-up binoculars, and don't want to ever worry about them. If you're rich and clumsy, your prayers have been answered.

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