The Mandarin rules in the first clip from Marvel's "All Hail the King"

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The next Marvel one-shot, included on the DVD/Blu-ray release of Thor: The Dark World, is of course about Trevor Slattery, the poor actor who pretended to be the diabolical terrorist called the Mandarin. But now that he’s been exposed and thrown in jail, Trevor learns he might still have some power.

Question: How fun would it be if Trevor actually found 10 magical rings — I have no idea where — and actually became the Mandarin? Think about it; the Mandarin is his claim to fame, and it’s obvious he’d love to continue being in the spotlight — and I don’t think a moral issue like “Should I or should I not commit acts of terrorism?” would stop him if he had the chance. That is to say, I think Trevor would play the Mandarin on his own recognizance if he had the chance — which means he would do the same evil deeds the Mandarin would do, albeit purely for fame — which also means he would, for all intents and purposes, be the Mandarin in real life.. All it would take is for him to find a source of power, and I’m pretty sure Marvel can figure something out. And if all these recent Dr. Strange movie rumblings mean the film is on its way, and we’re adding straight up magic to the Marvel movie-verse, then this would be a fun way to tie Phase 2 and Phase 3 together. Just a thought...