You wait ages for a Carol action figure, and two come along at once! Hot after her action figure debut late last year, the next wave of Walking Dead toys will feature another version of the TV show’s coolest badass: and she’s got an awful lot of red on her.

The 8th series of McFarlane action figures features a veritable bevy of characters, dead or still alive — including Dale, Grizzled beardy Rick, Morgan, Bob, Tyreese and Eugene. But perhaps the best of all is the new Carol, who comes covered in walker guts and splattered gore all over her face and clothes to recreate her one-woman-army attack on Terminus from the Season 5 première. Seriously, look at her making the rest of those action figures look like chumps. Go Carol!


It wouldn’t be a Walking Dead action figure wave without some walkers though, so there’s also this cool two pack of a blood-spattered Morgan, a Spike trap, and an unfortunate walker to gore on said spike trap:



McFarlane’s 8th wave of Walking Dead toys is due for release in October.


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